If you have a rising kindergartener, are new to Wake Co., or looking to transfer schools there are a lot of different ways I can help. Whether you need someone to do it all, or just a little advice to get started I would love to help you in your journey.
Events and Talks

These are information sessions for groups of 10 or more. They could be at your preschool or community center. Here I will present the soup to nuts of education in wake county. We will discuss basic terms and options and a timeline for getting your child enrolled in your preferred school.

Small Group Sessions

These sessions are for 3-5 families. Groups like mom’s groups, book clubs, and bible studies may be interested in these sessions. We cover the same introductory material as a single family consultation but a little less private.

Private Family Consultation

Not sure where to begin? I help families develop a school search strategy for their child. We review the basics and talk about specific schools, their culture, leadership, etc. After learning about your family and what your goals are for your student’s education we create a game plan together to get you started on your school search.

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Mom and a Child

Naomi, Mom of 3

You have helped me more then you will ever know!! I’m so thankful to have found you.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Laney, Mom of 4

When our son was accepted to his school, she was my first phone call because we really valued her opinion and input. 

Woman in Suit

Melisa Welch, ESUMC Director

The information Libby shared with our preschool families is invaluable. Things change so quickly in Wake Co. and it was wonderful to have her come in with current information regarding the choices families have for Kindergarten.