Sometimes finding all the information you need in one spot is difficult. I aim to curate resources and information regarding traditional public, public charter, magnet, and independent schools on this site so that you can find what you need without a lot of searching. 

Timeline of Important Dates

Download this PDF for my timeline of important dates for rising kindergartners.

Know Your Magnet Pathway

Check out WCPSS's magnet pathways chart to know the magnet program pathways for middle and high school. 

Magnets Map

Sometimes seeing it all on a map can really help you narrow down your choices. See the magnet elementary school map here and the magnet middle school map here.

Compare High School SAT Scores

DPI releases a yearly SAT report for high schools. Take a look at Wake County and see how your neighborhood high school did. 

Enroll in Kindergarten

Kindergarten enrollment is now open and online, click here to find out what you need to register your child.

Wake County Magnet Schools

Follow this link to find out more about magnet options in Wake County. Click here to learn more about the magnet application process and here to see your priority ranking. 

Charter Schools Map

See top charter schools on this map to find options near your home. 

2021 Best Charter Elementary and Middle Schools

NICHE's 2021 list of top ranked charter K-8 schools in the Raleigh area. Click here to see their most recent rankings for charter schools.

School Performance Results

This updated link has the most recent school report cards for Wake County. See what score your favorite school got! 

Best Private Schools in Raleigh

NICHE's list of top ranked private schools in the Raleigh area. Click here to see their most recent rankings for K-12 private schools.