About SchoolUp

SchoolUp provides families in Wake County with the knowledge, the research, and the clarity they need to make the best school choice for their children. Together with your family, I look at your unique goals and desires and then assist in researching school options that best fit your needs. By providing you with the tools and knowledge you need we can clear away the confusion and simplify the process. 

Libby Taylor

My Background

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Libby Taylor


My career has been in education, including teaching in our public schools and providing professional development to teachers. I started SchoolUp to provide families in Wake County with the knowledge and guidance they need to find the right school for their children. I believe school choice is such a gift and my hope is that through my services families can embrace the robust schools options in front of them. Whether you are new to Wake County, don't have the time, or just need some advice to get your started, my goal is to help families stay informed and feel empowered to choose the right school for their needs. 


When my oldest son was about to enter kindergarten we embarked on an extensive research process, reading what we could and visiting many schools, talking to friends and neighbors and really working to pick the best school for our family. Through this process I began to realize how overwhelming this can be for families. After assisting some friends through the process I realized there was a need in Wake County for these services. I have an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and a Masters from UNC.